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How to Find a GPS System Under a Car

By Susan Reynolds, eHow Contributor


A GPS tracking device may be hidden anywhere underneath a vehicle.

GPS tracking devices that are placed underneath a car may be difficult to find. The process of finding a hidden GPS under a car can be difficult, because the GPS detector can only tell you that there is a GPS unit near the car, and not specifically where it may be located. If you want to find a hidden GPS device, you must use an instrument called an “RF detector” which finds the transmission of GPS trackers. This process may take anywhere between twenty minutes to an hour, since GPS trackers only occasionally emit a signal that is picked up by the RF detector.

Move the vehicle away from other cars and traffic. It should be at least 25 feet away from all electronic devices, including cell phones.

    • Power on the RF detector and leave it next to your vehicle. It will detect any signals sent by the GPS tracker on your car. GPS trackers give out signals every 20-30 minutes, so it may take some time before you hear any indicators given by your RF detector.

      Lift up the car using your jack once you receive a signal that there is a working GPS tracker under the car

      Use your flashlight to search underneath. Look around the wheels, oil pan, boards, axles, and all crevices. Use a mirror to see in tight, small spaces. GPS trackers are small enough to fit almost anywhere under your vehicle.

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